Be conscious of what you say about others

People out here dying of depression and can’t tell anybody because you gossip about them instead of helping.

There are different kinds of people on earth. Some are those who easily forget, they seem to get over what people say to them by talking to people or the individual that provoked them.

Some are the silent ones, who you will never get to know how they feel. Many take them as the strongest type of people, without knowing they are dying inside.

Too bad I’m in the silent category. People often seem to say I’m very strong, and have the perfect life without being aware of what I’m going through.

I thought I was the only one of my kind until I met my best friend. She has had suicidal thoughts many times, and any time she feels depression eating her up, she results to using sharp objects to wound herself.

We care about everything else, but not the mental health of people. We say bad things to people without being aware of the consequences of the effects of our words on them.

Many times, I have regretted my existence; I wish I was never born. Times I tried reaching out to people, no one thought I was serious that I needed someone to talk to; some started using it to taunt me.

Life isn’t the same for everyone; what you might be using as a joke might be very sensitive to another. Mind what you say to others because you might never know the effect of your words on them until you see a suicide note.

People die every day because of what people say to them, they are depressed and people around them aren’t helping matters.

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