Be careful of people who always play the victim

Some people will hurt you and then they will act like you hurt them. One thing I‘m proud to be holding onto is never depending on people for my happiness; I create my happiness and I live with it.

Life has never been the best and it has always been from one heartbreak to another. At some points, I felt I was toxic and shouldn’t be in any relationship.

I hated myself for never been perfect, clumsy, and never bring anything good to the table. I decided to work on myself and it was during those moments I found out that I was never bad or toxic for anyone; I was with people who always make you look like the bad egg.

I learned my lessons the hard way, and then I stopped putting other people first before me.

My years of friendship were not different from a nightmare, up until now I can’t believe I apologized and cried over petty things that were never my fault; I was turned to the villain of the story.

Most times, I was hurt and didn’t have anyone to talk to or a shoulder to lean on, no one understood what I was going through or believed what I had to say, because they already believed I will always be wrong.

I was with someone who will always turn the odds to be in their favor; I was with someone who will always play the victim even in situations it’s her fault that things went wrong; she will always have a reason to justify her actions and make you the villain of the story. 


  1. Sounds like there’s some peace to be made with someone.
    Let her know you forgive her, whether she asks for it or not. So much peace in letting go of hurts

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