Avoid engaging in disagreements or conflicts with the flight attendant who identifies as gay.

Many of us have likely encountered instances where we leave a situation, and later, after a few minutes or even hours, we come up with the perfect comeback line. We often attribute our inability to think of such responses in the moment to a lack of quick thinking. However, every now and then, we come across someone who manages to deliver a remarkable and timely zinger.

During my flight, we were attended to by a flamboyantly gay flight attendant who exuded a playful and vibrant energy. His cheerful demeanor seemed to uplift the mood of everyone on board as he served meals and beverages.

As the plane began its descent, he gracefully walked down the aisle and made an announcement on behalf of Captain Marvey. He informed us that we would be landing soon and kindly requested everyone to put their trays in an upright position.

As the flight attendant made his way back up the aisle, he noticed an elegantly dressed and intriguing young woman who hadn’t followed his previous instruction to raise her tray. He jokingly remarked that she might not have heard him due to the loud noise of the engines, emphasizing the importance of complying so the plane could safely land.

In response, the woman calmly turned her head and asserted her status as a Princess in her own country, proclaiming that she doesn’t take orders from anyone. Without missing a beat, the flight attendant confidently retorted that in his country, he is referred to as a Queen, implying his higher rank, and humorously demanded her compliance by addressing her as “sweet-cheeks.”

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