At 76 years old, Cher says she’s dating a 36 years old music producer.

Just last week, the singer of “Believe” got her fans really excited when she posted on Twitter: “One part of my life is SO AMAZING.” And shortly after that, she shared a picture of her new boyfriend with a heart emoji to make things clear.

Cher said she introduced Edwards to her family, and she mentioned that “love doesn’t care about age.” This was likely in response to people wondering about their big age difference (Cher is 76, and her boyfriend is only 36). Cher mentioned they met at Paris Fashion Week in October. Their love is still new and exciting, and Cher’s fans are happy about it.

For those Cher fans who were worried about Edwards, Cher had something to say: “I’ve been around for a long time, and I know that nothing in life is certain. Every choice we make has risks. I’ve always taken risks, and it’s made me who I am.” She also talked about their age difference and said, “Love doesn’t care about age, it just sees love.” Cher wanted to make it clear that some people meet and connect, while others don’t.

Cher has experienced a lot in her life, so she should be good at recognizing warning signs if they exist. She’s been a famous star since the 1960s when she started her career with her husband Sonny Bono and became a big name in the music world. If you like reading about Cher, please share this article on Facebook.

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