Appreciate God every single day of your life

We often seem so comfortable with our lives today that we often seem that just a word from someone, and we will cease from existing.  

Many have plans for the next day. They already booked appointments of who they will meet and how they could run the day’s affairs, but never woke up to see it.

It is not because you are unique or the richest or beautiful. Not everyone has the chance to see another day. Appreciate God for the life he has given you.

Life might not be all rosy and perfect, but you still have to appreciate God. You can never know what he has done for you until you see someone wishing to be in your shoes.

We all have seen people younger than us; people older than us die too. If you are still breathing, you have every reason to thank God.

Not everyone has the chance to grow old. Many never make it to that stage. If you are still alive, hale and hearty, you have all the reasons to appreciate God for what he has done.

God alone deserves all praises and adoration. He alone gave us life, and only he can end it. Glorifying God every single day of your life won’t take much from you.

I believe that when you praise a mighty man for what he has done, he will do more. You can never know the benefits that come with glorifying God. He is the beginning and the end, the ultimate author of life. Appreciate him every day of your life.