Anger is deadly

Anger is like hot charcoal; it starts from hurting the person that harbors it.

Anger can push people into doing things they never wanted to do or say things they don’t want.

The consequences of anger are always much. Anger is a threat to one’s inner peace and calmness.

Anger can be a result of packed up malicious deeds that get to explode when it is triggered or busted.

Holding on to anger and grudges can make one suffer from high blood pressure. An angry mind is a restless mind, and anything can make it worsen and explode.

Anger and unsettled issues can lead to vengeance. Vengeance is like a double-edged sword. In the process of throwing it to another person, you get hurt first.

I have seen people do things they never meant out of anger, more reason they say never talk or act when you are angry.

One who can’t control his or her anger and temperaments is as good as dead. Anger can push us into regrets and depression.

Anger can make us live in regrets all the days of our lives because of the terrible things we did out of anger.  

Do not let your emotions push you into doing things you would regret later on. Do not let a slight change in your mood today to determine your future.

Holding on to anger is deadly. It is like a burning charcoal, and when you have the intention of throwing it to another person, you get burnt first.

Spread love instead of hatred.            

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