An Oklahoma alcohol shop received criticism due to a sign that was seemed insulting.

People today are easily upset by little thing. While they occasionally have every reason to be, other times they simply exaggerate and behave in an attention-seeking manner. You must determine whether those people who were upset by these shops signs were correct or not.

After putting up a sign that read, Midwest Wine and Spirits, a liquor store in Oklahoma received some criticism. “Don’t enter unless you pull your pants up.”

Sunshine Weatherby, one of the customers, stated, “I can see that if it were like a church. You might have a problem with the fact that there are families there, but this is a liquor store. A liquor store has seen worse.” Nonetheless, and representative referenced that wearing low-hanging pants raised security worries also. She stated, “Typically, it is easier for people to steal bottles when their pants are sagging.”

Other businesses have seen a similar pushback in the past over signs that customers didn’t like for a variety of reasons.

A store put up a sign saying it was closed because they had to fire both of their cashiers, both of whom were teenagers. As a result, the owners were now looking for boomers rather than someone from Generation Z. “This is how every teenager has always behaved. It is not novel. Even when the boomers were young,” a Reddit user remarked. “It amuses me that they believe Boomers would be less entitled than Generation Z,” added another.

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