An frustrated Mother expressed her ‘firm affection’ in a letter to her 13 years old son, and now the heartfelt message is gaining immense popularity for all the positive reasons.

In spite of your sincere Intentions and multiple attempts to prove your point, kids often have a strong belief in their expertise on all matters.

Constantly dealing with this characteristic can be highly vexing for a parent. However, one mother’s letter to her 13 years old son, where she addresses his belief in setting his own rules, has gained significant attention.

The mother, who goes by the name Estella Havisham on Facebook, felt it was essential to teach her teenager a valuable lesson, and her letter swiftly spread across the internet.

Estella Havisham initially shared her Facebook post with the intention of reaching only her close friends and family. Her goal was to impart a valuable lesson to her young son about behaving appropriately for his age (figuratively).

Unbeknownst to her, her account had a “public” viewing option, leading her letter to rapidly go viral. Much to her surprise, the letter gained widespread attention and became a viral sensation due to the overwhelmingly positive responses it garnered from people all over the globe.

The letter addressed Estella’s son, Aaron, and admonished him for attempting to act like an adult prematurely. Estella had reached her limit with her 13 years old son’s insistence on setting his own rules. She issued a warning that if he persisted in this behavior, she would start assigning him responsibilities more fitting to his desired status.

The exasperated mother specified that Aaron would be expected to contribute financially towards the food bill, house rent, and any additional ‘maid services’ she provided, which likely included cooking meals and doing his laundry.

The letter states: “It seems you need a lesson in being self-reliant. Since you mentioned that you’re earning money now, it should be simpler for you to repurchase all the things I previously bought for you. If you wish to keep your lamp, light bulbs, or access to the internet, you’ll need to contribute your share of the expenses.”

“Furthermore, you’ll be responsible for emptying the trash on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and also sweeping and vacuuming on those days. It will be your duty to keep your bathroom clean every week, prepare your own meals, and tidy up after yourself. In case you neglect these responsibilities, I will impose a $30 maid fee for each day I have to take care of it. If you choose to return to being MY CHILD instead of a roommate, we can discuss and agree on different terms.”

Numerous online commentators praised her parenting style, while others believed it to be overly strict. Soon, Estella’s letter was shared 160,000 times and received 85,000 likes on Facebook. In response to the criticism accusing her of “shaming” her son publicly, she defended herself by stating:

“I didn’t intend to humiliate him in public. It was an accidental occurrence. I had originally planned to share the post only with my immediate family and friends. So, when I noticed an influx of over 100 friend requests, I was puzzled and thought my account might have been compromised in some way. Removing the post now would be futile since so many people have already read and seen it.”

The resolute stance of the mother received immediate acclaim from numerous social media users, and it seems to have yielded positive results. Reportedly, the mother and son have now established a contract to maintain Aaron’s discipline, and he seems to be following her new guidelines. However, it should be noted that the success of the letter lies in the fact that Heidi and Aaron have now created a contract with rules that Aaron appears to be adhering to.

“I am not an oppressive dictator trying to ‘control’ my child. As a parent, I have every LEGITIMATE RIGHT to establish rules, expectations, and consequences for my child.”

Do you think the mother crossed a line by being too strict, or do you believe it was acceptable for her to exercise her parental authority in establishing boundaries, expectations, and consequences for her child?

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