Amber 24 Years Old, Takes Care of Her Whole Body in Tattoos because she is Obsessed on them.

One of the greatest advantages of being an adult is that you can do whatever you want as long as you follow the law. You can appear as you please and dress however you please.

Amber Luke went above and beyond what it meant to be herself, without a care in the world for what other people thought about her.

Before turning 25, this Australian 24 years old plans to get tattoos on her entire body. The Daily Star reports that she has inked her chest, bringing her one step closer to her goal.

When Amber was 16 years old, she began her journey with tattoos. Her life was forever altered by her fascination with ink.

Over the course of her life, Amber has accumulated a number of tattoos.

She really worked hard to get as much ink in as possible. She has tattoos that cover most of his body.

It has not been an easy process, and when she got her eyes tattooed last year, almost everything went wrong.

“Unfortunately my artist penetrated too deeply into the eyeball. I haven’t seen for three weeks. It was pretty cruel.”

Additionally, the alternative model has made it clear that she has had mental health issues in the past. She plans to work as a counselor and wants to help other people who are going through something similar in the future.

In her statement to the Daily Star, Amber said ” You wouldn’t mind asking me what I’m doing with my life? I’m studying to be a counselor. Society is so full of hate and misconceptions about you and your appearance. so that I can assist individuals with mental health issues.”

On her breasts

Amber took the next step in her quest to cover her entire body in tattoos by applying them to her breasts.

“Cleaning done,” Amber wrote to her 64,600 Instagram followers, proudly showing off the end result.

Amber Luke’s prior pictures

The next thing on her thighs. However, Amber has a plan to black tattoo design on her left arm.


But Amber hasn’t always been covered in ink.

She recently shared a picture from her previous life that showed her as blonde.

She has truly undergone an incredible transformation in a photograph taken five years ago!


The gap is five years. Let me tell you something ” I got a tattoo of a “floating neck” when I was 20. I had no tattoos on my chest, arms, or face. merely a large throat patch. After I did, I became so disorganized and enraged. She wrote, “When I was 20 years old, I made the decision to say,’ fuck, I’m going to get what I want,’ and I went for it.

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