Always remember how special

You are I know I am beautiful, and no one is like me. I am unique and talented, and the last of my kind.

I love appreciating myself first and never get to mind the impression others have about me. You can say I am ugly; but I know myself better, I am beautiful and have the cutest smile no matter what you say.

I so much believe in myself that people’s opinions to draw me back or make me feel bad about myself doesn’t matter. I feel like I have worked so hard to be the best and irreplaceable and no one can draw me back by negative criticism.

I believe in myself, and things will always go on well; that is the power of positive belief. No matter what comes my way, I always try to tackle it and make the best out of it, because I am strong and talented.

I get triumph over every storm that comes my way and move forward because I know I am perfect. I am lovely and unique; you can never get to see someone who renders the same services as I do.

I blow my trumpets because I don’t expect people to do so. Expectations many at times, ends up hurting someone. Always believe you are the best and never let negative criticism change how you view yourself.

You can listen to what people say about you but do well to choose between hate speech and corrections. Believe in yourself and never feel that you are less; because you are beautiful, worthy, consequential, special, unique, unusual, talented and irreplaceable.


  1. Happy birthday, Yao.
    Hope you are in good health,
    Being in San Diego,
    After 45 years,
    Have you changed?
    When will I see you again?
    June 2020.

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