Always pray for your friends

Praying for your friends is so important because sometimes they fight battles they will never speak to you about.

Prayer is the key and most times we often seem to forget its great importance in our life.

Prayers is the only we talk to our marker and bear to him our hearts and troubles.

Always pray for your friends because you might never know what they are going through.

There was a time I wanted to give up; I was mentally stressed and have reached my breaking point.

I didn’t feel the need to tell anyone what I was going through‚ because I knew they could never understand how I feel.

I wanted to take my life at some points; my best friend who always checked up on me suddenly stopped and it was just like I was left on an island.

No one ever called or spoke to me; I felt void and didn’t feel the need to continue breathing; I was waiting for darkness to finally take me.

My best friend called me few days after and decided we should hang out; I didn’t want to‚ but I felt it should be last and I decided to go on with our date.

Surprisingly she took me to a priest and I was surprised at the turn out of events; this wasn’t what I expected.

It was during our conversation with the priest that she told me about her numerous visions about me and they weren’t a good one.

She told me she always saw me dying slowly while praying and she didn’t know what it meant and had to contact a priest.

Well‚ her prayers save me. I have been having a lot of counseling sessions with the priest and I’m happy that I am beginning to see light again in life.

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