After the deaths of the mother and daughter, the grandmother notices something chilling.

Hannah Simmons took her daughter to the doctor in Gainesville, Georgia, in 2017 for a checkup on a beautiful spring day.

However, the trip turned deadly when a truck and Hanna’s car collided.

Hanna’s family was devastated by the loss. However, a few days later, the shot of the location gave them hope and comfort.


Hannah Simmons, a 23 years old, and her best friend, drove to the doctor’s office with Hannah’s nine month old baby, Alannah.

Hanna abruptly lost control of her vehicle while traveling, resulting in a collision with a truck. Her nine months old baby, her best friend and Hanna all broke down right away.

A man who was at the scene called emergency services, but he and the other witnesses quickly realized that there wasn’t much they could do.

On her way to work,  a 19 years old, Anisa Gannon arrived at the accident scene. In order to explain to her boss why she would be late, Anisa grabbed her phone and snapped a picture of the closed road. Nevertheless, Anisa was unaware of anything in the picture when it was taken; she didn’t realize until later.

The scene where the woman and her child perished in the vehicle is illuminated by a powerful beam of light emanating from the sky, as shown in the image.

When Anisa showed the image to the victim’s family, they began to cry when they saw the light. It appeared as though they were en route to paradise, Anisa’s Auntie Tara saw and told her niece.

Despite some skeptics who believe it to be a reflection from Anisa’s windshield, the victims’ families have taken solace in the light and interpret it as evidence that Hanna, her closest friend, and her nine-month-old daughter have all entered heaven.

Jodi Simmons, Hanna’s mom, pronounced that she “totally” thought the striking representation portrayed a “pathway to heaven.

When a loved one passes away, the only thing that can provide comfort and calm is the knowledge that they are in a better place. To help others find hope, share this inspiring story with them.

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