After the Daughter Continues to Refuse to get Out of her Nap, The Terrified Mother Discovers the Terrible Truth.

Every parent has concerns regarding their children, particularly when they are young.

We put in a lot of effort to keep them healthy and free of illness, ensuring that they do not get lost and are not put in any unnecessary dangers.

However, there are things that cannot be seen with the naked eye and, unfortunately, it is possible to miss a serious risk until it is too late.

Because of this, Jennifer Abma, Anastasia’s mother, is so eager to tell other parents about the harrowing events that befell her daughter.


The majority of people are already aware of the dangers of leaving a child or pet in a hot car during the summer.

Every year, there are numerous tales of heroes who swiftly rescue children or pets from such circumstances.

Naturally, heatstroke, which can be extremely dangerous and even fatal, is the most significant danger that can result from being in a hot car.

Yet, hot vehicles are by all accounts not the only spot where individuals and creatures experience the ill effects of intensity.


On Facebook, Jennifer Abma shared the terrifying event with her young daughter Anastasia.

She hopes that by sharing her story, people will stop and think twice before doing something like this.


She said the following:

” This was my night; it was the most terrifying moment I could have ever imagined; This is serious heat stroke. Nothing is more frightening than not being able to wake your child up.

This is clear evidence that a child can get heat without being in the sun. We had to wake her up for 20 minutes before the ambulance arrived; like me, they arrived with the ambulance because they were unsure of what to expect.

This demonstrated how quickly things shift.

I didn’t realize how hot Anastasia’s room was until I started to sweat, blush, and boil and couldn’t get her to wake up for 15 minutes after she fell asleep. I never imagined the ambulance would arrive so quickly, but they took their time. She started crying, clearly scared, after her sugars, which should have been higher than 1.2, gave sucrose.

“No, it wasn’t my fault that she got hurt, but it’s hard not to blame yourself. It was a lesson learned, and I hope other parents can learn something from it. Check the rooms in your house because they can be just as dangerous as a hot car.

However, I am shocked and unable to comprehend what might have transpired had I not gone to check on her. Yesterday, God was definitely on our side, and I’m grateful to Jay and the emergency services for arriving as quickly as they could to keep me together.


Everything turned out well, thank God for Jennifer and Anastasia, but it’s important to be aware of this and the dangers of heat, especially now that summer is here.

Heat stroke symptoms include:

Nausea and Vomiting
Trouble seeing
Irritation and confusion
Rapid heartbeat
Reddish, dry skin

In the event of heat stroke, follow these steps:

A person suffering from heat stroke must receive immediate medical attention. Immediately relocate yourself or the children to a cool location. Use a wet towel, for instance, to cool the body.

Make it a point to visit the hospital so that you can receive food and salts via drip directly into your blood.


Did you know that hot cars can be just as dangerous as bedrooms?

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