After 128 Hours, A Miracle Occurred When A Two Months Old Baby Was Saved, and People Rejoiced.

There are Times of Hope and Happiness in Turkey despite the Sadness and Tragedies there. The fact that a 2 Months old child was discovered alive after being trapped in the rubble for 128 hours was one such instance. It is notable that the child did not suffer any injuries.

On social media, a video of a baby who is two months old is going viral. Because this baby was buried beneath the wreckage of their home in Hatay, Turkey, people are amazed by the natural wonder. The child was buried for 128 hours and was only 2 months old. Nonetheless, the child was discovered alive and safe.

A Baby can be seen Sucking while Holding a Man’s Finger in a Viral Social Media Video. Many were surprised by the unexpected sight.

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