Adolescent daughter chooses her deceitful father over her emotionally shattered mother, only to reconnect with her years later for financial support.

Following a divorce prompted by her husband’s unfaithfulness, a mother lost custody of her daughter. The daughter later distanced herself from the mother, believing her to be awful. Contact was reestablished when the daughter faced financial difficulties in college.

Marrying a wealthy man, the woman believed she was lucky to have someone supporting her family. He not only showered her parents with lavish gifts but also settled her sister’s credit card debt and connected her brother with a reputable company that provided a well-paying job opportunity.

Her husband was well-liked by her family and received consistent support, even during difficult times like his initial instance of infidelity. This happened when the wife had just given birth to their child, Kelly, making her feel emotionally exposed. Despite this, she contemplated ending the marriage.

However, her family members managed to persuade her to pardon the man’s actions. They pointed out the importance of providing Kelly with a stable upbringing under both parents’ care as a reason to stay together. Influenced by her relatives’ advice, the woman chose to remain, convincing herself that her pregnancy during that period prevented her from being the ideal spouse.

Around the time Kelly turned 12, her husband engaged in another extramarital affair. By then, Kelly had firmly decided on divorce. Nonetheless, her extended family disagreed, fearing the association with a scandal. In order to maintain access to her husband’s financial support and goodwill, her parents shared the same sentiment.

However, she initiated divorce proceedings and subsequently lost custody of her child. Her husband possessed the means to secure top-notch legal representation, aided by the backing of his own family. The woman received both alimony and a significant settlement.

She made earnest attempts to maintain contact with her daughter and scheduled regular visits. Nonetheless, Kelly viewed her unfavorably, influenced by her grandparents and parents. They condemned the mother for not forgiving her father despite his remorse. Consequently, during her teenage years, Kelly perceived her mother negatively and distanced herself from her.

Kelly’s reconnection with her mother was driven by financial needs.

During challenging times, she leaned on her closest companion, Tina, for assistance. She regarded Tina as her closest friend and source of strength, acknowledging that her survival might have been impossible without her. Throughout the years, the mother consistently stayed in touch with her daughter.

Financial necessity compelled Kelly to reconnect with her mother.

Amidst trying circumstances, she relied on her dearest friend, Tina, for support. Tina was not only her closest confidant but also a wellspring of strength, with Kelly recognizing that she might not have endured without her. Over the passage of time, the mother remained consistently in contact with her daughter.

The woman intended to bequeath her possessions to her goddaughter rather than her own daughter.

Subsequently, Kelly longed to reestablish contact with her mother. “I won’t deceive myself by denying that the sole interest she had in my money was to reconnect with me,” remarked the woman. While Kelly’s mother consented to cover her postgraduate education expenses, she required Kelly to sign a document renouncing her inheritance rights from the mother’s will.

The woman’s intention was for Laura, Tina’s daughter, who had grown to be more like a daughter to her in recent times, to receive the majority of her wealth and belongings. Laura is her goddaughter.

Her family is concerned that this plan might jeopardize her relationship with Kelly. Nonetheless, the woman is reluctant to accept the notion that her bond with Kelly is solely materialistic and driven by money.

Was it the right choice for the mother to bestow her entire estate upon her goddaughter? Or should she have allocated everything to her daughter, who expressed interest in reconnecting only due to her financial constraints regarding tuition?

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