A Woman who had Terrible Back Pain since she was Giving Birth Fourteen Years Ago.

Due to their lifestyle, a growing number of people in today’s society suffer from back pain. Many of them work in offices or other settings that do not permit proper posture during work hours. We are all aware of how inconvenient these pains can be, not to mention that they can make it difficult for us to perform our Daily Activities.

14 years after giving birth, a woman experienced severe back pain. Sadly, it took so many years to determine the true cause of the back pain.

It appears that doctors discovered an epidural needle fragment in her spine.

In 2003, Amy Bright had a cesarean section and was born at a Jacksonville, Florida, hospital. Jacob, her sixth child, was born to her at that time.

After giving birth, the back pain began to become increasingly unbearable and had an impact on her life. She decided it was time to undergo additional tests at the hospital because the pain was so severe and did not feel normal.

She made the decision to find out what was causing her back pain and how to get rid of it. Amy’s back pain was identified after a CT scan revealed a 3 cm needle in her spine.


When Amy received this information, she was overcome with a wide range of emotions. She was irritated, surprised, and especially afraid. Specialists accept the needle broke when she had the epidural for Jacob’s introduction to the world. Amy’s left leg is only partially functional due to severe nerve damage sustained over time. Since the interruption affected someone’s life, this news would undoubtedly shock everyone.


Amy claimed that whenever she walks, bends, twists, or falls asleep, the needle moves inside her spine. The pain got worse and became unbearable as a result of the extensive damage and scar tissue caused by these needle movements.

During those one year, Amy saw several doctors, but none of them examined her back pain thoroughly. Instead, they gave her painkillers, muscle relaxants, and other medications to ease her pain. But the fact that the needle is still moving and causing pain makes it clear that these pills won’t help him for long.

According to the woman, there were times when the pain was sudden and affected the entire leg. She had a very hard time continuing to do what she had to do at those times because the needle moved and affected the tissues even more with each movement, the pain was so severe.

A recent CT scan reveals a broken three centimeter epidural needle in the back.


To assist her in bringing a lawsuit against the federal government, Amy hired a lawyer. She claimed that the needle had caused her severe pain and permanent nerve damage.

A woman is currently filing a lawsuit against Florida Marine Hospital, the hospital where she gave birth to her son. She claims that staff members knew the needle was broken internally but did nothing to fix it or told her something was wrong and they should look into it further. She was unable to prevent the incident for a year because of the staff at this hospital’s negligence.

Even if the needle is now removed from Amy’s spine, the doctor says she may be paralyzed for life.

For the rest of her life, Amy will need to get physical therapy and pain medication.

She claims that the pain is now constant and that she is extremely concerned about her future and does not know whether or not she will survive.

She is anxious because she does not want to have to rely on someone else to get around or perform basic tasks because she believes there is a high probability that she will need to use a wheelchair.

Given that everything could have been avoided, it is understandable that Amy is concerned about the future. We should pay more attention to what is going on around us, and if we experience pain after a medical procedure or surgery, we should look into the situation to find out what is causing the pain.

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