A woman suggests that a mother should breastfeed her baby in the bathroom, but a courageous 5 year old stands up for his mom. This heartwarming aincident is truly priceless.

I’m currently at the mall with my two little ones. Timmy, who’s nearly 6 years old, and Addie, who’s almost a month old. While we’re strolling around, Addie starts to feel hungry. I inquire if Timmy is also hungry, and upon his affirmation, we head to the food court to get his preferred sesame chicken.

As we settle down for our meal, we order Addie’s preferred nursing choice. I discreetly cover up and begin to feed her. Timmy enjoys his chicken while a woman walks past us with her food and child. The child glances at me disapprovingly and sighs, rolling their eyes. The woman then finds her seat but continues to cast glances in my direction. Eventually, she approaches me and in a rather impolite manner states, “You do realize there’s a chair in the restroom for that, right? My child shouldn’t have to witness you feeding yours here while she’s eating.”

I begin to speak, but my son interrupts, stating, “Why do I have to see her eating while I’m eating?” The woman responds, “She’s eating without any body parts exposed.” He gazes back at the girl and retorts, “I can see her legs, just like you can’t see any part of my sister.” The lady questions if I allow him to speak like that to everyone. I reply, “To be honest, yes.” Once more, she suggests that I should go to the bathroom.

Timmy stood up and approached her table. She questioned his intentions, and he responded (which filled me with proud), “I was planning to assist you in taking your food to the bathroom as well. If you find it acceptable for my sister to eat there, then it should be fine for you to eat there too.” The woman accused my son of being disrespectful, and I retorted, “My son is simply a well-educated 5 years old.”

Kindly pass this along to every mother you’re acquainted with. The most valuable action a parent can take is creating an environment where their children feel secure enough to voice their thoughts and stand up for themselves and their loved ones.

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