A woman is “Proud” of her appearance despite being mocked for her seven stone leg.

If you look different from your peers, it’s easy to feel left out, treated differently, and less good. Mahogany Geter has lymphedema, which has led to a terrible swelling of her left leg. Because of her condition, the 23-year-old Texan has been bullied and trolled for years.

She recorded her response to a mean question posed to her.

She wrote in the caption, “Why don’t you amputate your leg, it looks better.” Mahogany also reveals that she has been referred to in other ways as a bad person.

“I have no choice but to rise above these mean people, which has been so difficult.”

Because she was called names, Mahogany always felt low about herself. However, her family and the lymphedema community were there for her. She realized how beautiful she is both inside and out because of her mother, Timika Geter. It indicates that I can do my best to encourage others to accept themselves and appreciate their beauty.”

But there are times when it gets too much. She now “steps to build herself up” whenever she feels down. Talking to her mother, however, because “she’s like my therapist,” is certain to help her feel better during her quiet time.

Mahogany Geter is now a model who inspires people!

When there is a blockage in the lymphatic system, typically in the extremities, lymphedema occurs. This disease has no known cure and can progress into lymphangiosarcoma. She was given the diagnosis shortly after her birth. Her weight could be increased by as much as 100 pounds, or approximately 5.3 kilograms, if she drinks more fluids. She never experienced beauty as a child.

She told the truth about her childhood memories, “I used to think God had cursed me.”

“I cried so many times to myself because I felt ugly and like an idiot of nature. Then I made the decision that I got this condition because I am emotionally strong and can deal with it.

Since then, I’ve been learning to love and accept who I am.

Mahogany is currently concentrating on physical therapy to aid in the healing of her leg. She now draws, listens to music, or makes videos for TikTok or YouTube more often. However, she occasionally experiences skin infections in the swollen areas. I find it frustrating to deal with flare-ups because I want to live my life more freely but it seems like I can’t.”

Her goal is to acquire a home for her mother! She intends to raise awareness of lymphedema and give back to those who have supported her over the years once she is more financially secure.

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