A teacher shares a story to other parents about a child’s Mom who writes a motivational quotes on her son’s pencils.

We must always remember that every child needs to be motivated in order for them to enhance their capabilities.

At early age, children must be supported and appreciated from all their efforts and hard work to boost their self esteem.

One day, a teacher named Amanda Cox forgot to bring her pencils. She asked someone in her class to allow her to borrow one. Suddenly, a boy lend her some pencils and told her to return them after their class. When the teacher noticed an inspiring messages written in the pencils, she shared this very heart lifting story happened in her classroom.

source: Facebook — Amanda Cox

The teacher was very thankful and swear to the boy that she would return the pencils once she is done. While Amanda is sharpening the pencil, she realized something about how precious those pencils are to her student.

Amanda took a closer look at the pencils and noticed something written in red pen. “You are a very talented person.” and the other messages were, “You are very phenomenal.” and “You ate very creative.” She took another pen and read a message that says, “This year will be a great year.” it was a very inspiring messages when she took a closer look at the pencils. Amanda realized those were inspiring personal messages.

Amanda asked the boy to show all of his pencils and she was amazed because every pencil has an inspiring message written on it. She was very overwhelmed with the effort of the boy’s mother to do something very uplifting for her son. “Thanks to his mom, he was reminded of his self worth and wanted to share the same feeling with his classmates,” Amanda stated.

Source: boreddaddy.com

Those inspiring messages are very special to the boy because it keeps reminding him how special he is and how great he would become in the near future.

There were so many people amazed by this story after Amanda took a photo of these and published it on her facebook page. Thousands of people approved the parenting style of the boy’s mother.

Source: Facebook — Amanda cox

More than 451, 000 uplifting comments about how  they love the idea of the of the boy’s mother.

We must always put in our hearts and minds that every children need to be encouraged and motivated every day in order for them to enhance their capabilities. If you are amazed by this story, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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