A Starbucks worker breaks down in tears after being scheduled to work eight hours.

Work is a component of life. At some point in their lives, the majority find employment. The majority of people put in long hours every day to pay their bills and provide for themselves and their families.

In an ideal world, your work would be something you enjoy, but for many people, it’s just work, a way to make ends meet and provide for themselves. People who are still in school may find that their first job is not their ideal one.

Do you recall your first employment? It might have been something you enjoyed. Perhaps you resented something about it. Recently, a transgender Starbucks employee stated that her position is far from ideal.

This Starbucks worker hid in a warehouse while on the job and spoke directly to the camera in a video that was later shared on Twitter. He or she criticized the manager, the schedule, the customers, and the fact that there was no union. Additionally, this employee lamented that customers were being “misled” and that she would be required to work long hours as a student.

How does this worker feel about working long hours? We’re talking about a shift of eight hours. The employee elaborated ” i attend school full-time. I work 25 hours per week, including all day on the weekends, from opening to closing. I have each eight and a half hours. Sunday and Saturday

The employee tried to hold back tears as she talked about wanting to quit working at Starbucks, but many people in the comments thought it was funny that she was crying. According to one comment, Do I sympathize with this spoiled child? No. When I was 17, I was M-16 overseas. 24/7 or a 12-hour day. Food that is bad, the weather, danger, etc. friendships that have endured for a lifetime and some of the best times I can remember Kid, grow up.”

Another respondent stated “I’ve never seen so many babies clinging to each other, and it makes me feel as though the world suddenly softens. We do not owe the world anything. Until you find a position or job that beats you less, put in a lot of effort and move up the ladder. Simple.”

Not everyone thought it was absurd to cry during an eight-hour shift. The Starbucks worker was defended by a lot of people. “She must be disappointed that Starbucks and her nasty manager aren’t pulling her weight,” one person wrote “for instance. People work 8-hour shifts for her, but it would be exhausting to work full time as a student. She is worn out.”

Another individual stated “Being a full-time student while working 25 hours per week is stressful! We all talk about better mental health, work-life balance, and recognizing the signs, but when someone clearly needs help, we judge, label them as weak, and shame them. Is that true? When? Will we grow? We are to blame, not them!

Do you think this Starbucks employee had a valid complaint or found the rant absurd?

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