A recently wedded couple initiates a consultation.

In bed, a newlywed husband queries his wife about her past relationships, but she remains silent. 

He persists, saying, “Please, you can tell me. How many men have been a part of your life until now?”

His wife, maintaining complete silence, simply gazes at the ceiling. 

The man apologizes, saying, “I’m sorry. I didn’t intend to distress you. I just believed that we could have faith in each other…”

His wife remains silent as ever.

Eventually, the man concedes, saying, “It’s alright. Please don’t be distressed.”

With his wife’s continued silence, the man begins to express his affection by embracing and kissing her.

As he engages in these actions, his wife appears to snap out of her reverie, ceases her ceiling gaze, directs her attention toward him, and in a distressed tone, exclaims to her husband, 

“Oh no! You’ve made me lose track!”

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