A paralyzed woman witnessed her husband entering the garage at night.

Brad Soden finally created a wheelchair of his wife, Liz could be proud after years of trial and error. She was severely paralyzed in a car accident three months prior to the wedding, and she frequently regrets missing family outings and camping trips.

But she could join in the fun now that sh had a new wheelchair. She was able to take part in activities with the kids, and the expression on her face that showed his happiness was priceless.

After witnessing his wife’s distress at the difficulty of using a standard wheelchair, Brad Soden made the decision to take action. He worked so hard to design a wheelchair that would be easier for his wife to use and more comfortable. He was finally able to create a wheelchair that satisfied her needs after years of trial and error.

Brad was always motivated to do the right thing for Liz, despite the fact that it required more effort than Liz thought possible. After expressing her disappointment at being excluded from outings that were not family-related, he offered the solution. He bought her a camper van with a wheelchair lift so he could have fun while she went on adventures.

Brad claimed that he was motivated by his tears of joy at the finish line. He needs to this accomplish.

Without a college degree or experience in engineering, plumber Brad overcame a number of challenges to create a wheelchair with tank-like treads that are strong enough to handle rocky terrain and tough enough to ride off-road. “We lit a couple of fires, yet since we were near, we had the option to put out of them,” Brad said rapidly.

He assembled the wheelchair to move over rough territory and steep slants for individuals with restricted portability who need to get out and investigate. Because it is against the law now, only Brad uses it for himself.

Liz’s desire for independence led to the development of the tank chair. Brad made it his full-time job quickly.

Liz told Lauer that she had never been able to camp and hike without the wheelchair. She had to sit in the car when they drove in the snow, but now she can get out and chase her kids.

Because they are considered recreational vehicles, tank seats are not covered by insurance; however, Brad intends to provide them for free to wounded veterans.

Its become a popular choice for disabled soldiers, with a three-month waiting list for the new expensive chairs that can travel up to 30 mph.
Veterans who have used the chair frequently report feeling more independent.

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