A mother’s love

Mothers don’t give up on their children for taking the wrong road; they just keep praying and hoping that they turn around before it’s too late.

I was once a perfect example of a prodigal daughter. I was living a bad life, and never cared about the impressions I was making on people or whatever they thought of me.

I could come back home drunk at times, and sometimes I never made it home; I slept in the club or anywhere I found myself.

Anytime I staggered home, my stepmom will always be there to welcome me home, in the drunken state I still knew she was the one, as she was the only one that ever cared.

I was never a drunkard or a drug addict; it all started after I lost my father. I was always bullied by my stepbrothers. It got some points I became depressed and wanted to take my life. My stepmom was mourning her husband, and it was hard for her to notice whatever that was going on in the family.

I found peace in alcohol, and drugs as it helps me get my pains off my mind for a while. I saw reasons to keep taking them, as it makes me stronger and courageous, as I started beating up my stepbrothers.

My stepmother never gave up on me; she could always make black tea for me, and will always be around to listen to whatever I had to say. I found myself opening up to her, and that was how I healed and became a better person.