A Mother of two moves into her first house, but she notice that her dog acting suspiciously, at that point, she checks the walls out.

When trying to find a home, the majority of people have an extensive list of criteria in mind. For instances, some people like a certain number of bedrooms, while others want an extensive lawn or a large garage.

Although individual tastes and preferences vary among prospective buyers, I believe we can all agree there are several characteristics none of us want from or in a new house.

Amber Hall felt she had finally found her dream first home when she entered a four bedroom, two bathroom house that was for sale in Centennial, Colorado. According to reports, she pictured her two children, two dogs, and themselves having fun in the backyard and was particularly pleased with the setting.

Of course, she was not fully aware of the residence’s previous occupants, who were quite slithery.

Amber could hardly wait for her family to occupy the home and make it their own after formally purchasing it. But as she was unpacking, a weird behavior started in one of her dogs, and warning signs went off in her thoughts.

She stated: “I was trying to unpack when my dog knelt down and he began walking over here very slowly,” as reported by KOAA.

“I walked over to check what he had been looking at since I thought it might be some sort of spider or something similar. When I got there, I found two tiny holes just here and snakes climbing up the wall. So, I became nervous.”

It’s true what you read. in the walls are snakes.

According to reports, the huge snakes were curled up within the wall next to the door that led from her garage to the garden. Uncomfortably, Hall found that warmth indicated that there’s a lot of the critters hiding further up the wall when she put her hand there.

She described the snakes as “shockingly large”.

Everyone agrees that they are a type of garter snake after all the research. They do, however, add the disclaimer that their garter snake has never been that large.

“I can’t unpack anything of my belongings because I’m sure there are some snakes in the packages or hidden within the boxes… It’s like when you get into bed, you quickly throw the blankets off or leap out of bed just to make sure no one is in there.”

Approximately a week ago, according to Amber, the first snake was found. There have now been discovered a total of 10 snakes.

In order to get the snakes out of the house humanely, the terrified mother hired a snake wrangler. Based on their size, he informed Amber that some of the snakes might have been residing in the home for the previous two years.

Hall stated, “I lack a sense of like I’m the first person who found them, but I cannot imagine that someone would ever declare that they knew they were there.”

“It’s difficult. I’m 42 years old, and this is my first house. I’ve been worked my entire life to earning it, but I’m unable to take pleasure in it. My kids will enjoy it, but I’m quite scared.”

Amber has already spent close to $1,000 getting rid of unwelcome guests in the house. She said that she probably will not feel secure until everything in the house is torn away to reveal where they are actually residing.

This is actually my dream! I can only imagine how difficult it must be for Amber and her kids to reside in a snake-infested home.

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