A Mother Giving Birth to an ” Angry ” Baby face, but is so Thankful after Being Diagnosed wit Oligohydramnios.

For some of us, trying to become pregnant can take years. For some, it can happen suddenly and in a split second.

The unpredictability of life is one of its wonders; We never know when one of our friends or family members will become pregnant.

Hollie Walls did not anticipate having a child. She was shocked to learn she was pregnant considering that doctors had advised her to take fertility medications. Hollie was unable to conceive after undergoing two operations to remove a large mass from her uterus last year.

Hollie and her current partner wanted to expand their family because she already had two sons from a previous marriage.

The following is what she told to “Love What Matters”: ” Although I am well aware that we do things that could lead to a baby, I was shocked to learn that I was actually pregnant when I became pregnant almost immediately. I can recall thinking, This must be a faulty test, there’s no way I’m pregnant, when I saw two on the pregnancy test line.”

“At first, I didn’t even want to tell my husband because I was sure it would just be another disappointment and we had already gone through too much,”

The 39th week of Hollie’s pregnancy was painless. She measured on time and the blood pressure was excellent at every ultrasound and doctor’s appointment.

Despite the fact that both of her previous children were born late, she was unconcerned as her due date passed.

According to Love What Matters, Hollie explained, “I went to my last OB appointment to schedule an induction when I was 41 weeks pregnant because it felt like this baby wasn’t going to come on its own.” In the clinic, the doctor checked my blood pressure, looked at my urine, and did a quick ultrasound to make sure everything was still fine.

His expression when it was time for the ultrasound told me it wasn’t good news. He stated, “I cannot locate amniotic fluid.” My heart dropped. I was completely taken aback because I had no indications that anything was wrong.”

She had never heard of the condition oligohydramnios, which Hollie was soon told she had.

She stated “I left my OB’s office on a Friday and went straight to the hospital, where I had a series of tests and a second ultrasound. Although they were able to locate some pockets of fluid, the second ultrasound revealed that I had very little amniotic fluid. This was such a relief.”

“I was scheduled for the following Monday because the baby appeared to be in excellent health, his heart was beating normally, and I was experiencing a lot of movement.”

“Something wasn’t right when I awoke on Sunday morning. The baby was moving, but it felt different—like it was moving slowly. I am still unable to explain it. I attribute it to my mother’s instincts feeling. I had just realized that I needed to get to the hospital right away. She said she would see me within the hour when I called my doula. I was so anxious that I wanted to be excited to meet my baby.”

Hollie went straight to triage when she got to the hospital. She sat on a bed while a nurse talked to her in passing, but she could still feel the anxiety in the room.

“I was asked questions about the pregnancy, the movements I was feeling, and other things as people entered and left the room.” Nearly ten people were in the room with me before I could even comprehend what was going on when a nurse pressed the emergency button the next thing I saw.

“It was decided that a Cesarian Section was the only safe way to get the baby out, and it had to be done right away because the baby’s heart rate dropped and then sped up. I had someone else bring me papers to sign while others were frantically attempting to get me in a position where his heart rate would stabilize.

“Eventually, the OB came to talk to me about what to expect from my c-section and the possibility that my baby was brain dead due to the heart rate. They immediately transported me to the hospital after normalizing the baby’s heart rate OR . Because I was so afraid, I didn’t have time to talk to my husband.

She heard the baby cry after Hollie’s C-section birth. She just seemed so small to me. I remember thinking, “I’ve never seen a baby so small, but fortunately she was healthy!” as I looked at her.

Hollie gave skin to skin almost immediately. She gave her the name Winter Josephine.

I held Winter in front of me and stared at her once we returned to our hospital room from recovery. I couldn’t help but laugh because she looked so angry, despite how perfect she was.

If I had to guess her thoughts at the time, they would be as follows “Being there was a pleasure. Bring me back! The same thing was said by everyone who saw her. She appears insane! She simply raised her eyebrow at my husband and son when they came to see her, indicating that we had made her extremely uncomfortable.”

Hollie wasn’t aware of how dangerous oligohydramnios can be until two weeks after Winter was born. She talked to a volunteer who also went to hospitals to photograph angel babies for grieving families when she was looking for a newborn photographer.

The photographer responded that many of the angel babies she met were the result of the same issue when Hollie informed her that Winter was born without amniotic fluid.

Winter might seem as though she’s constantly got a sourpuss on, however there’s no questioning she’s one unique child.

After what must have been a trying experience, we are glad that the mother and baby are both happy and healthy.

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