A moment of silence for those who hate us

People these days are so fake and just hang onto your “friendship” because they’d be lost without knowing what you’re up to. Just keep doing you! Give them something to talk about!

They are just lurking on your timeline because deep down they are jealous of all you have going for you. Let them lurk, you just be you and keep living your best life! Don’t allow these small minded people to bring you down. Remember, people who stir up drama in your life have no life of their own and they’ll stir the pot in order to gain attention.

People like this are two faced snakes, sweet as pie to your face and will stab you in the back the moment they get a chance. Know your circle, open your eyes to what is meant to be seen and kick the others to the curb. Life is too short and time is too precious to deal with petty people. Goodbye Felicia!


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