A mom finds a video online where she’s breastfeeding, posted by someone she doesn’t know. Her response is incredibly smart.

Nursing your infant is a natural activity that many mothers engage in. The timing of when you need to feed your baby isn’t always predictable, occasionally necessitating public feeding.

Such was the case for a young mother who unknowingly became the subject of a surreptitious video. Upon discovering the video, her response was noteworthy. Continue reading to find out more.

Engaged in her daily routine, a Maryland resident was using social media when she stumbled upon a video that immediately caught her attention.

Izabele Lomax halted to closely examine the video, reaffirming her initial suspicion: the video depicted none other than herself.

What she encountered was, in fact, a snapshot of a prior post. Someone had captured Lomax breastfeeding in a public setting and had expressed a desire for her to have concealed herself during the act.

The image that Lomax encountered had been shared by a fellow member of a breastfeeding support community. Alongside the picture, the woman had penned, “Opened my Facebook and saw this. I’m bewildered how another woman can both make such a statement and capture a VIDEO of a mother nursing her child, then share it online.”

Lomax shared a similar sentiment since she realized that the nursing mother in the video was, in fact, herself. Recollecting the experience, she expressed, “I saw myself!” The young mother was unaware that she had been covertly recorded while nursing her child.

The individual responsible for creating and sharing the video clarified that their intention wasn’t to demean women breastfeeding publicly. They explained, “My aim is to criticize women who breastfeed in public without showing consideration for covering up.”

She expressed her desire not to witness women without tops on the beach and preferred not to shield her son’s view or have to clarify to him the actions of the bare-chested woman.

The video depicted Lomax seated on the beach beneath an umbrella, nursing her baby. Unbeknownst to her, she was being surreptitiously filmed.

Nevertheless, Lomax opted not to remain passive and chose to address the woman who had captured a video of her without permission. A day that had been wonderful as she spent it with her fiancé, baby, and parents at the beach had taken a negative turn due to someone’s disagreement with her choices.

Lomax reacted by creating her own video and post. She remarked, “Not only did this lady pass by me several times with her child, she had ample chances to communicate with me.”

She mentioned that although she wouldn’t have ceased breastfeeding on the beach, the woman who covertly filmed her should have attempted a conversation rather than recording her surreptitiously.

Lomax further conveyed that the woman should not have sexualized the act of breastfeeding in front of her four-year-old son. She raised doubts about whether the woman had “personal problems” due to her reaction to the incident.

“If you can spare the time to film me and craft this insensitive Facebook post, then you can certainly allocate time to enlighten your son about the reality that babies are nourished in this manner,” expressed the angered young mother.

Lomax received widespread support, and the person who initially shared the video ultimately removed it. Many were taken aback by the woman’s actions in attempting to impart a lesson to a new breastfeeding mother. A commenter expressed, “Who does she think requires shielding? Children? You simply explain to your child, ‘That lady is feeding her baby.’ Then the child might inquire, you answer, and life goes on. It’s called parenting.”

Someone else highlighted that the baby’s head effectively concealed any potential nudity that the original poster had concerns about.

Overall, it appeared that numerous individuals held firm viewpoints regarding this scenario. What are your thoughts on this entire event? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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