A man tried to help a beggar by offering him a job, but the beggar said no. So, the man made his own clever sign instead.

“You can’t help someone if they don’t want to help themselves.” This old saying is something you’ve probably heard many times.

Sadly, it’s usually true. No matter how hard you try, it’s really tough to support or change someone’s life if they’re not fully dedicated to improving their own situation.

Ryan Bray, who lives in Florida, has experience in this. It’s said that he often sees beggars on his way home from work. One Sunday, he passed by a man with a very sad story, and Ryan chose to help in his own way.

Rather than just giving the man some extra coins, which wouldn’t really improve his life, Ryan thought of a bigger plan. He offered the homeless man $15 per hour to work for his family’s business. This was a way to give the beggar a chance to leave the streets for good.

To Ryan’s surprise, the beggar had no interest in finding a regular job. He told Ryan that he preferred staying on the street because he could make more money begging than what Ryan was offering for a job.

By that point, Ryan was extremely shocked and upset. He had offered the man an opportunity to improve his life, but the man rejected it. So, Ryan decided to do something about it.

Ryan went back home and created his own sign. Then, he went back to the same street corner. He stood there with his sign, publicly criticizing the beggar who had become unhappy when offered a chance to leave the streets.

Ryan’s sign told people not to give money to beggars. It explained that he had tried to help the homeless man, but the beggar had been ungrateful.

Ryan’s sign said, “I offered him $15.00 per hour to work in my yard, and he said no. If we, as a community, stop giving them money, they will go away from our neighborhood!”

According to information, the homeless man called Ryan a liar and claimed he was never offered a job.

Ryan, when talking about his meeting with the homeless man, said:

“He put his arms inside my car and asked, ‘Do you have any money?’ I replied, ‘No, I have something better for you.'”

To learn more about Ryan’s story, you can watch the video below.

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