A man swiftly feels remorse for the evening he shared with an attractive woman.

Have you ever found yourself in a scenario where you were unsatisfied with a purchase and sought a refund or some form of resolution? Well, a young man had a similar experience, which is humorously narrated in a story. When he agreed to spend the night with a woman for $500, he discovered his discontent and took steps to address it.

Life often takes unexpected turns, and our efforts to resolve a situation can unveil surprising outcomes. This lesson became evident to the protagonist in our tale when he received a response to his letter.

A young man encountered an attractive woman and consented to spend the night with her in exchange for $500.

And so they proceeded. Before departing, he informed her that he didn’t have any cash on hand, but he intended to have his secretary prepare a check and send it to her, labeling the payment as 


During his journey to his office, he reconsidered and concluded that it wasn’t a worthwhile expense. Therefore, he instructed his secretary to dispatch a $250 check along with the subsequent message:

Dear Madam,

Enclosed, you’ll discover a $250 check intended for your apartment rental. I’m remitting a different sum than initially agreed upon because, at the time of renting the apartment, I had the impression that:

The apartment had never been used,

I expected there to be ample heating,

I thought it would be cozy and provide a homely feel.

However, last night, I discovered it had been previously inhabited, lacked heating, and was excessively spacious.

Upon receiving this message, the woman promptly sent back the $250 check, accompanied by the following note:

Dear Sir,

To begin with, I find it perplexing to imagine how you anticipate a splendid apartment to stay vacant indefinitely.

Regarding the heating, it’s available if you are aware of how to activate it.

As for the spaciousness, the apartment is, in fact, of standard dimensions. However, if you find it lacking in furnishings to your liking, kindly refrain from attributing this to the landlady’s oversight!

Kindly remit a check for the complete sum of $500, or I will have no choice but to reach out to your present landlord.

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