A man can never know how he triggered the anger of a woman

Women are complex creatures with complex problems. You can never determine her mood or read her mind. Many times, it seems hard to have excellent communication with them.

You can’t seem to understand what you are doing wrong or right. You can ask for their permissions at times, and all they could tell you is that ‘’It is fine’’, this is one of the most deadly phrases used by women.

Men don’t usually understand the body language of women, they can say one thing and mean another, and when the man gets to do what she gave her consent, she starts to burn down the house. A woman will always tell you to read meaning into her words, that her yes can be no.

They aren’t psychic, that’s how they are, so complex and difficult to understand. Women can get angry over nothing and can pick every little error for a quarrel; this is why most times, these men that wronged them might not even know the offense he committed.

Never withstanding how women are, we can’t deny the fact that they are the strongest creatures ever. They play the role of a mother, cook, teacher, and every task in a home and never get to complain.

They are the pillars of the home. They play a more significant part in bringing up the children. A woman will agree to take the role of a house-wife at the expense of her job and the happy life she ever dreamed of having, I have never seen a man do so. Women spend a more significant portion of their life with their kids, and this is enough reason why everyone seems to always take Daddy out of the picture. Women are great and blessed is a man that has a good woman in his life.

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