A letter from a retired teacher is receiving praise from thousands of parents.

Thousands are praising a retired teacher’s candid letter to parents, with many agreeing that the last line is spot on. Lisa Roberson, who has years of teaching experience, made a significant impact with her thoughts on today’s public school classroom and the education system.

As people raise concerns about the apparent decline of American students compared to other countries, the retired teacher penned a letter and sent it to her local newspaper. Her strong opinion, printed clearly, left no room for ambiguity. Lisa fearlessly addressed what she considers the true issue behind students’ underperformance.

Expressing her frustration as a retired teacher, Lisa Roberson stated that she’s tired of individuals who lack knowledge about public schools or haven’t been in classrooms recently attempting to solve the education system’s issues. According to her, the core problem lies not with the teachers but with the parents. She boldly asserted that parents are failing to teach their children manners, respect, and basic social skills.

In a state of evident frustration, Lisa pointed out that some children wear expensive shoes to school, exceeding the value of the teacher’s entire outfit, yet they lack basic school supplies like pencils and paper. In such cases, the burden often falls on the teachers to provide these necessities out of their own pockets. Lisa then proceeded to raise several questions that might make some of these parents uncomfortable with the answers.

In regards to schools deemed “failing,” Lisa Roberson urged us to consider the role of parents and students. She raised rhetorical questions like whether parents attend parent nights, maintain regular communication with teachers, ensure their children have necessary supplies, and monitor their homework completion.

Lisa also inquired about the students’ engagement in class, note-taking, homework completion, and behavior as potential factors. She concluded that schools are not failing, but rather the responsibility lies with parents to step up and fulfill their role in supporting their children’s education, as teachers cannot do both their job and the parents’ job. Without parents taking action, no improvement can be expected.

Certainly, Lisa Roberson’s words may be more painful for some to hear than others, as the truth can be uncomfortable. However, she makes a valid point to a certain extent. A child’s success cannot solely rely on the teacher’s efforts; parents must be actively involved and take on their role as parents. While teachers can support and reinforce certain aspects, some essential values like manners, respect, and responsibility should be instilled at home before the child enters the school classroom.

Teachers are responsible for educating children in subjects like reading, writing, and math, but effective learning becomes challenging if the child lacks proper behavior. It may be difficult to accept, but if a child is struggling academically, parents should first reflect on their own expectations and responsibilities before pointing fingers elsewhere. Parents are a child’s primary educators, and their involvement plays a crucial role in shaping their child’s success.

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