A lady saw a weird “egg” on her room’s ceiling and posted on Facebook to ask what it is.

We’re aware that stuff on the internet can spread quickly, especially when it’s unusual or fascinating news. That’s why the woman’s picture became widely popular right away.

When you first look at the picture, it appears there’s a strange “egg” hanging from the ceiling in the room.

The woman who shared it on social media seemed worried and thought she needed help from an expert. That’s why most people who saw the picture also found it eerie.

Naturally, the picture quickly became very popular, and everyone shared it on their own profiles or different online groups and pages. Many people were curious about what was in the picture.

It was shared with the question: “Does anyone know what this is?” This is how the internet works, and it can be either good or bad at times.

Becoming super popular on the internet isn’t always the best, but it can be useful, especially when you have a question and want to know if others have experienced the same thing as you.

The woman who shared the photo didn’t know what it was or how long it had been there. She only noticed the “egg” when she took the picture, so she was unsure if something could be inside, if it was new, or if there were more in her house.

To be honest, it doesn’t look nice, and most of us would have been pretty scared if we found this in our house.

Even though the post became really popular, nobody could figure out what that “egg” was. Most folks thought it might be a bunch of spider eggs. That’s why many said there could be a lot of eggs in that thing, and the house might have a spider problem.

However, everyone shared their thoughts. One person even made a joke, saying that if we lived billions of years ago, they would have joked it was a dinosaur egg for sure.

Some folks suggested calling an expert for help, while others recommended the woman to put on a protective suit and poke the “egg” to find out. Even though there were many suggestions and ideas, no one knew for sure what that thing was.

When they discovered the truth, it surprised everyone because no one had expected this answer. The woman’s dad was brave and checked what was there.

It turns out, that strange “egg” was actually insulation foam used on the house’s roof that had seeped into the ceiling.

Who could have imagined this possibility? But it’s a relief that it was only that and not something serious or a spider’s nest that could take over the whole house.

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