A lady attempts to claim her seat on a plane, but she is denied, sparking a divisive reaction on the internet.

Not everyone enjoys flying. Some folks make sure they do things for their comfort before they travel, but not everyone thinks about the same things.

This lady knew what she needed while traveling and followed through. But there were others who saw things differently…

The woman was in an awkward situation, torn between choosing her own comfort or meeting societal expectations. She had to decide whether to be generous or defend her personal space.

She was on her way to celebrate Christmas with her family across the country. Knowing she needs space to be comfy due to her size, she always books an extra plane seat, even if it costs more.

Check-in and security went smoothly, but the trouble started when she sat down. A woman with an 18-month-old child asked her to squish into one seat so the toddler could have the other. She refused because she had paid for both seats.

The situation was getting noticed, and a flight attendant came over to figure out what was happening. The woman explained that she had paid for both seats and couldn’t make room for the child. The flight attendant understood and told the mother to hold her child on her lap, like many parents do.

However, during the flight, the mother tried to make the woman uncomfortable with mean looks and snarky comments.

Later, the woman questioned if she was unfair and should have given up her extra seat. She went to Reddit to ask if she was wrong.

A mom who had faced a similar situation shared, “I’ve taken long flights holding my infant and shorter ones with a toddler in my lap. It wasn’t fun, but it was my issue. As long as my child was under 24 months and I didn’t have to pay for an extra seat, I chose to hold him. Trust me, not all parents are this entitled!”

Someone else said, “She messed up by not getting a seat for her son and expecting someone else to give up their paid seat. Probably thought she could save money if there were extra seats and used the lap rule to avoid paying.”

Another person suggested, “I would even complain to the airline about their employee siding with a passenger who harassed you.”

Another frustrated user commented, “It’s important to strive for good health, but being overweight isn’t a sign of bad character or morals. We all face challenges, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed of your body, even if you’re not meeting your goals. If the mom wanted extra seats for her kids, she should’ve bought them. She’s not entitled to the seat you paid for, and you shouldn’t feel guilty for her rude behavior.”

Some might understand the mom’s desire for a comfy flight, but if it was crucial, she would’ve ensured a seat for her child.

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