A Husband tells his Pregnant Wife, “My mom is more important than you,” and goes to his Mother instead of helping his Wife.

A woman, who is six months pregnant, asked her husband to spend more time with her and help get ready for their baby’s arrival. What he said next surprised her.

On Reddit, a woman asked if it was fair for her to give her husband an ultimatum because he wasn’t around much during her pregnancy.

She found out things were really bad when she shared that they’ve been together for five years, married for six months, and she’s six months pregnant.

The lady mentioned that her husband is super close to his mom, calling him a “momma’s boy.” He spends more time talking to and being with his mother than with her. The tipping point for her was the incident that made her write on Reddit.

What occurred between the woman and her husband?

At six months pregnant, the woman requested her husband to spend more time with her and assist in getting ready for their upcoming child.

Her husband said that being with her would take away time from his mother. Even though the woman understood, she told him she needed him more during her pregnancy. In response, the husband said,

“My mom is more important to me than you.”

The woman was surprised by her husband’s words but handled it calmly when he went to his mother’s house. She managed everything on her own.

Later, her mother-in-law called to boast about winning, and the wife heard her husband laughing. Despite being upset, she carried on with her life.

A couple of weeks later, it was their anniversary. The wife got a gift and made her husband’s favorite meal, but he had different ideas for how to spend his time.

While she was in the bathroom, he came home from work, left again, and after waiting for half an hour, she called him to see where he was.

The husband said he was at his mother’s place. Upset, the wife told him he might as well have a child with his mother since he was so close to her.

After hanging up, she received texts from both her husband and mother-in-law, saying she shouldn’t disrespect the mother-in-law and should find something else to do instead of being bitter. She asked Reddit users if she was wrong.

What did people say?

After sharing her story, the woman thanked those who supported her and confirmed she wasn’t wrong.

She realized her mother-in-law might be competing with her and considered giving her husband an ultimatum because, based on the comments, the situation could worsen.

Users said she had every right to expect her husband to be more supportive during her pregnancy and criticized him for spending more time with his mother.

Some suggested talking to her husband about it, and when she did, he explained that his mother held a special place in his life.

The woman noticed her mother-in-law wasn’t going to change, and she thought about divorcing her husband. She warned him she’d divorce him if he didn’t stop acting like he was married to his mother.

The husband cried and promised to change. The woman was optimistic but knew she had to talk to her mother-in-law, who insisted she would never win.

The woman explained that it’s not about winning or losing. If her mother-in-law keeps behaving this way, she won’t get to see her grandchild. She also mentioned that her husband has improved since their talk.

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