A Horse hugs a pregnant woman – The doctor calls the police while he examines the ultrasound.

Anyone who owns a horse will tell you that horses are capable of taking things that humans cannot. They are able to detect energies and feelings that we avoid using our five senses thanks to their sixth sense.

When Jolene Jonas from England found out she was pregnant, she went through this. She and her fiancé were extremely content, but their horse was not. Their horse began to behave very strangely.

They made the decision to see a doctor to make sure. But as soon as the doctor saw the ultrasound, he called the police right away.

Ricky and Jolene couldn’t believe their good fortune when they first heard that Jolene was pregnant. They had been trying to conceive for a few months, so they were thrilled when they got the good news. However, not everyone shared Ricky and Jolene’s enthusiasm. Keola, their horse, was of the opposite opinion. When Jolene’s pregnancy was going well, Keola began acting strangely and petting and licking her belly. Jolene and Ricky didn’t pay attention to the horse’s behavior at first because they didn’t understand what Keola was really trying to tell them.

The pregnancy progressed well at the same time, reaching 25 weeks. Back pain was sharp for Jolene. Ricky rushed her to the hospital because the pain was so severe that she was unable to walk. Jolene was informed by the doctor that she required an ultrasound. The doctor was shocked to see the ultrasound and had to call the police right away. Jolene was sorry she hadn’t listened to the horse sooner.

But how did they get into this predicament in the first place?

When Jolene and Ricky were 16 years old, they were together. Soon after moving in together, they purchased a horse named Keola. However, as with all relationships, theirs was not flawless. Jolene was still troubled by something.

Over the following few years, the couple built their life together slowly, and a few things started to bother Jolene. Something that Jolene has struggled with ever since she first met Ricky until the present.

She and Ricky had been together for a long time by this point, but he was still very secretive about his past, and Jolene became increasingly concerned about this. What did she have to hide from him, and why was it so hard for her to talk about it?

Jolene repeatedly asked him to speak, but he always received the same hesitant responses. Ricky asserts that he no longer has any family and is in too much pain to discuss anything. He simply desires to forget everything.

Jolene simply accepted the situation as it was at that point. Ricky has known him to be this way all his life, and he probably won’t ever change. Fortunately, however, Jolene could live with this secrecy because it was one of the few things she disliked. At least right now.

The couple decided they were ready to married after dating for about ten years. They were finally able to get married and have a wonderful day. Jolene hoped that at the wedding, she might finally meet some of Ricky’s family.

But Ricky only invited his friends to the wedding, perhaps not to Jolene’s surprise but certainly to her dismay. Additionally, he only got to know his friends. Nobody there knew Ricky before he moved to the city when he was 16 years old.

Jolene, on the whole, didn’t seem to be bothered by that. They had a wonderful wedding—with or without his family present—and generally enjoyed themselves quite a bit. Never before had they been so emotionally and romantically close. As a result, they decided to move on. They wanted to have more children. However, things did not go as planned.

They had difficulty even getting pregnant at first. Jolene and Ricky started to doubt themselves. Perhaps they were unaware of their health status. They made the decision to see a doctor.

To ensure that Ricky and Jolene were both healthy, the doctor conducted some tests. The couple had to wait a few days after the tests. The doctor promised to call them with the results. However, they became anxious when the couple was told to visit his clinic when the doctor called them.

They were concerned when they got to the clinic. And if they are unable to conceive? Fortunately, the doctor eased everything. He reassured them that both of them were in excellent health. Ricky and Jolene finally felt better. Also, good news was on the way.

Jolene found out that she was pregnant just one week after the medical examinations. It resembled. They shared the news with all of their loved ones because they were overjoyed by it. They clearly pleased everyone.

Keola, their horse, did not appear to be pleased with the pregnancy. In point of fact, it was beginning to look odd. Keola frequently licked Jolene’s stomach at first. He started doing other strange things, however, later. Even his behavior scared Jolene.

When Keola saw Jolene’s belly, he began to hug her quite aggressively at some point. They were unable to comprehend why. Did he sense any threat? Or was Keola herself in need of medical attention?

They went to Keola’s veterinarian to make sure everything was fine. Perhaps he demonstrated his illness. A few physical examinations were performed by the veterinarian. However, I couldn’t find anything odd or wrong.

However, Keola’s actions persisted. Actually, it got worse. Jolene made the decision to conduct a Google search on this peculiar behavior. But she was shocked when she read about this strange behavior on some websites. She only had to cry.

The majority of websites informed her that her own child had a problem. Jolene didn’t want to tell Ricky what she found because she was clearly in a panic. As a result, she made the decision to seek out a new individual in whom she has complete faith.

Jolene sought guidance from her mother. She thought her mother might be able to help her out because she didn’t know what to do. And her mother responded precisely as she had anticipated.

She was warned by her mother not to believe anything she read on the internet because it can often be very misleading. Together with Ricky, she had to go with her gut. So, she did it.

They went for a second checkup because they wanted to make sure their baby was okay. Since Jolene was already 18 weeks pregnant, the doctor was certain to know if the baby was healthy. They waited for the test results in fear.

The doctor came back to Jolene with good news after a few hours. They didn’t have to worry about anything because everything was fine. When she was 25 weeks pregnant, she was instructed to return for an additional ultrasound. Perhaps Keola just needed to adjust to the fact that she was no longer the only family member. However, they discovered that this was not the case a few weeks later.

Jolene suddenly experienced severe back pain at 23 weeks. She informed Ricky that they needed to go to the hospital because she was ill. Jolene stated to her that she had the sensation of being about to give birth. When Jolene asked Ricky to drive to the hospital, he didn’t hesitate.

However, they were held back from moving as quickly as they could. There was a road block! Ricky tried his hardest to avoid traffic. However, in the end, they were totally stranded in traffic. Ricky could only see one way to quickly get to the hospital.

Ricky made an emergency call. They were going to be here for some time because they were stuck in traffic. The emergency vehicle had the option to proceed. The ambulance arrived after a few minutes, and Jolene got to the hospital quickly.

The doctor at the hospital wanted to do an ultrasound right away to make sure the baby was okay. However, the doctor’s expression changed during the ultrasound. He actually appeared quite distraught. Jolene was alarmed when he said, “I have to call the police as soon as he finished.

This obviously shocked Jolene. Why did the authorities intervene? And why did he not specify what took place? In addition, Jolene and Ricky became enraged by the entire circumstance. How long will it last?

The police arrived shortly thereafter and immediately requested that Ricky accompany them. Sir, we have some inquiries regarding your wife for you. Ricky was perplexed; what were they trying to find out about him?

They seemed to be asking normal questions at first. They were curious about Ricky and Jolene’s identity and residence. However, the agents’ tone changed after that. Ricky was shocked when they started asking strange questions.

They inquired not only about who they were but also about where they had been the previous few weeks. They also asked strange questions about her pregnancy, which added insult to injury. Why were the authorities interested in Jolene’s pregnancy? Ricky couldn’t figure out why.

Ricky was not only surprised by the questions but also enraged at the police. Why were they interested in learning everything? He said something in the heat that the police don’t like: He said, “Go do your job, but leave me alone.” However, he soon came to regret the choice.

Because they thought their questions were appropriate for the investigation, the police did not like his response. As a result, they accompanied Ricky to the police station. Ricky went into a panic because he didn’t want to leave his pregnant wife alone in the hospital, where she might have to give birth in a few hours.

Sadly, Ricky had no choice but to accompany the police. They promised to explain the situation there, which they did. However, when Jolene observes her husband leaving the hospital with the police, she experiences anxiety simultaneously. However, the doctor then came to her.

“We must carry out an operation.” the doctor said. Their child had to have it. Because the police told him not to say anything, the doctor couldn’t say anything more at this point. Jolene was informed by the doctor that she still had a choice.

She could decide whether or not she wanted the surgery. But because it would be better for their child, she didn’t need to think too much. She said yes right away. Now all she had to do was wait for her husband Ricky and the surgery.

She entered the operating room after a brief waiting period of one hour. Ricky, on the other hand, made it to the police station in time to answer more questions. They took Ricky to an interrogation room after a while, but they appeared to be straightforward.

It was evident that Ricky was becoming increasingly irate. He had to go to the police station first, and then he had to go to the interrogation room. What transpired was beyond his comprehension. However, the police did eventually elaborate a little more.

Five criminals suddenly appeared to be standing side by side on the other side of the window. Ricky had to say whether he recognized anyone. He was also surprised to see a familiar face. How this person ended up in the police cell was all Ricky could think about.

He was his own physician! However, why was he there? The police gave Ricky more context as soon as he told them he recognized his doctor because it was very strange that Ricky was in this situation.

Ricky was informed by the police that Jolene’s physician discovered an illegal medical chip in her body. The necessary drugs could be controlled by this chip. But it wasn’t yet legal. It appears to have been placed on Jolene’s medication, which is prescribed in Ricky’s name. Now everything made sense. However, Ricky’s situation was not over because Jolene was still in the hospital.

Ricky rushed to the hospital himself. We appreciate the police officer who drove him there. However, Jolene was not present when Ricky arrived. Where was he? He was in panic. How was everything? He then went to see Jolene’s doctor.

He panickedly rushed to her. Ricky struggled with the doctor’s request to remain quiet around other patients. The doctor was finally able to tell Ricky where Jolene was after a brief outburst of rage.

Ricky was informed by the doctor of what he already knew: she had an illegal medical chip implanted in her body that needed to be removed. However, Ricky remained unsure of the baby’s health. Ricky was asked to follow the doctor.

Ricky went with the doctor to Jolene’s operating room. Ricky asked the doctor right away whether he and the baby were okay. The doctor had good news, which was fortunate.

Both Jolene and the infant were in good health. She didn’t have to give birth yet; all she had to do was get rid of a medical chip that probably caused her severe back pain. She didn’t have to give birth yet. Jolene was allowed to go home after that.

She gave birth to a girl named Giulia after 40 weeks of pregnancy. After all, when their daughter was older, it was a good story to tell her about their newborn. Additionally, Ricky and Jolene have always been taught to pay attention to their horses’ instincts.

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