A guy wants his fiance’s Dad to check if she’s still a virgin in front of their family to make sure she’s pure.

A happy engagement turned into a nightmare for a woman when her fiancé’s family made a shocking request, making her reconsider their relationship.

A woman really loved her fiancé. She thought they were perfect for each other and couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.

“My fiancé asked me to marry him around 8 months ago. We planned a small wedding, and it’s just two days away. Everything was going well. He seems perfect, and we’re deeply in love,” shared the woman.

Just two days before their wedding, her fiancé asked something strange. He wanted his dad to check if she’s still a virgin in front of his brothers and uncles.

The woman thought it was a joke at first, but her fiancé was serious, which left her shocked.

He went on to say that in his family, the father checks if the bride is still a virgin the night before the wedding to ensure she’s “pure.” Uncomfortable with this, the woman hesitated.

The man insisted, claiming even his mom had to do it. He said it would prove her love and tried to make her feel like she had nothing to hide if she was truly a virgin.

What Did the Woman Choose?

The woman couldn’t believe it. She chose to leave, making her groom-to-be cry. “It was really intense,” she said.

Even though a part of her wanted to cancel the wedding then, she loved the man and wanted a life with him. She started thinking about the weird ceremony, just to be accepted into the family.

She stayed at a friend’s house to figure things out. The next morning, she met her fiancé and told him she wouldn’t let his family check her, and he needed to respect her choice.

The man said he had to do it for their wedding to happen. He accused her of lying about being a virgin because she didn’t want to do the ceremony.

The woman stayed calm and tried to be reasonable. But the man got more aggressive, and the more she explained, the angrier he became.

“I said if he truly loved me, he should support me and say no to his father,” the woman said. She wished he would agree, but his reaction surprised her.

Instead of getting his backing, the woman got slapped when she said this. She said to his fiance that she didn’t have to prove anything.

Heartbroken, the woman realized the man she once loved wasn’t perfect. He turned out to be someone else, so she chose to cancel their wedding.

The woman felt really sad about the situation. She stayed with her friend, let herself feel all her emotions, and then worked on moving forward and standing back up.

This story shocked a lot of people, making them think it was fake until the woman confirmed it was true. What would you do if you found yourself in a similar situation?

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