A Grandmother Who is 61 years Old says, She and her Husband, who is 24 years old, are ready to have a child.

Cheryl and Quran McCain made headlines in 2021 due to their relationship’s age gap.

The couple decided to get married in the United States after dating for about a year.

Quran, twenty four years old, used a ring that was paid for by his online audience to propose.

In a Tennessee ceremony that was broadcast live to more than 20,000 people, their wedding took place on the river.


As they prepare to have a child together, the couple has repeatedly demonstrated how genuine their love is.

She leaves her seven grandchildren to Cheryl.

He has always desired children, and I want to be the mother. Naturally, due to my age, we must use surrogates or look into adoption” which Cheryl explained.


She claimed that her biological children, who range in age from 29 to 41, are assisting her in raising the child.

Her grandchildren now call to Quran as a “pawpaw”, and Cheryl’s family supports her decision.

However, Cheryl’s enthusiasm does not appear to be shared by those online: I don’t care if people think I’m selfish or too old to have a child because I’m here to take care of the baby.

This follows the pair’s criticism of trolls who believed they had split earlier this week.


Quran stated in response that the couple would not vanish.

Quran and Cheryl share videos on their OnlyFans account in which they talk about how amazing their wonderful life is.

In 2012, Quran initially met Cheryl when she was working at the Dairy Sovereign in Rome, Georgia, claimed by her child Chris.

When Quran saw Cheryl working at a convenience store in November 4th, they returned.


Interestingly, the couple intends to recite their vows this year in the company of their loved ones.

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