A gloomy, plain-clothed woman entered the supermarket!

A gloomy, plain-clothed woman entered the supermarket!

She went up to the owner and asked if he would be willing to take some items and pay later.

She said in a low voice that her husband was very sick and couldn’t work, that she and her husband had seven kids, and that they needed for food.

The store manager requested to the security guard to remove the woman of the store. However, she continued to plead, thinking of her family:

“I will pay as soon as possible, please.” ” I could not borrow or give foods to a stranger.” the store manager stated. At the shop’s entrance, a customer was listening to the conversation.”

A customer came in and said to the store manager that he was concerned in woman’s purchases. The woman was called over by the store manager, who inquired, “Do you have a shopping list?” She responded.

“Yes, sir” ” Okay, put your list on the scale, and I’ll feed you when you weigh it,” he said. She picked the piece of paper and wrote on it after a brief pause. The paper was then timidly placed on the scale.

The weight immediately fell as if I had placed a rock on it. They are surprised both the store manager and the customer.

The store manager started placing food on the opposite side of the scale, but he didn’t even move. As a result, more food kept coming in, but the scale never fit, so she took the paper instead.

to see if any ruses exist. The store manager was surprised as he read the paper.

It was not a shopping list to show, but it was a prayer, said; “Our Lord Almighty, you know my requirements, I leave my all situation in your hands.”

When the woman left the store, the store manager remained silent and gave her everything on the scale.

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