A Father walking with his quintuplets children with the help of leash.

Jordan Driskell is receiving online criticism for walking his 5 children in public on a leash.

According to Jordan, 31 years old, the kids want to run out and find something because they are so curious. The family makes use of the rope for their own safety and tranquility. Additionally, it enables them to enjoy leisurely outings with their family and get away from the house.


Driskell, who is married to Briana, a 34 years old, and has Zoey, Dakota, Holly, Asher, and Gavin, mentioned that they used to have a stroller with six seats.

Kentucky’s father said that it was absurd and too big. Children enjoy wandering when they are in a hurry to get somewhere. They can do this while being controlled by the leash. It delights them.

After posting a video of the five on a leash during a day trip to the aquarium, Driskell received widespread ridicule. The video was made public last year, but it has since received over three million views.

Some feedback on his feed includes “They are not a dogs but people.”

“Why can’t you educate your children? “Explain to them why fleeing is risky.

“Don’t have as many kids if you can’t handle the pressure.”

“It’s a catastrophe. Don’t have children if you can’t handle that many.”

The parenting and youth development specialist Dr. Deborah Gilboa had a different point of view.

Tax credits for fetuses are permitted by Georgia’s anti-abortion law.

Gilboa pointed out that this was an illustration of creative problem-solving. Children are not being treated this way. Staying at home would be the other option.

Gilboa asserts that individuals moderate their judgment.

She stated that it is an excellent strategy for parents of children or adolescents with neurological differences who have not yet mastered all of their listening skills.

Ninety-nine percent of parents wish their children the best and act in this way to resolve the issue. Since you don’t see an issue doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

By the age of eight or nine, Gilboa asserts, neurotypical children ought to be free from leashes and proficient in voice control.

Gilboa explained that then you should have a different system for controlling your children publicly. Being on a leash in seventh grade would be strange!

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