A father order his daughter to shave her head after she removes a cancer patient’s wig.

The sentence was viewed as harsh by many.

We parents attempt to teach our children to differentiate between right and wrong, but for numerous reasons, we fail. It was discovered by a father that his daughter had been barking at a cancer student at school. She even took the girl’s wig off because it got so bad. The father was enraged by this, so he decided to take matters into his own hands and punished his daughter in a manner that caused controversy and mixed online responses.

The father later deleted the message after being criticized for the way he treated his bullied daughter.

” I have exclusive custody of my ex-16-year-old wife’s daughter she has moved in with her new family. My daugther was disciplined at school for bullying her classmate who had lost her hair because of disease treatment. “This includes taking off the wig,”

Even though there appears to have been initial animosity between them, I don’t think that even excuses her behavior.

Due to his daughter’s current relationship with an ex-boyfriend of another girl, it turned out that they didn’t get along.

The father told CafeMom, “At one point another girl said my daughter’s boyfriend was just using her for sex.” I had no idea she was sexually active, so it came as a big surprise. “That led to an increase in the wig incident. They allegedly fought in class ever since my daughter started dating the alleged man. She stated, “The teenager muses, just naive.”

After discovering what had transpired and what he had done to teach her daughter a lesson, he offered her daughter two choices. She must first get rid of all of her gear, and she should go to a salon and get a bald head. The daughter made the final choice, shaving her head before going to school.

Everyone believes that I went too far. His father wrote, “Her mother attacked me, claiming that this would make her a target for bullying.

A Father thought he did the right thing, even though many people disagreed. A lot of people took the time to talk about the situation. One commenter made the observation that “your daughter is a bully because you are a bully person. “You’ve probably taught her a lesson by mistreating and humiliating her” before, don’t you think?

Another person proceeded: “You’ve got a name a Child abuse is the name for this.” Her Gadgets ought to be removed as discipline. She ought to be brought into the country. She must not be shamed and her right to physical independence must not be violated. It’s likely that she won’t learn anything from it. In fact, it may exacerbate the bullying cycle.
Nevertless, many applauded her nurturing. “I wholeheartedly support your decision.” You are entitled to behave in this manner as her father; It is true and does not offend anyone. A supporter of the father wrote, “she ought to have experienced it herself if she is content to criticize someone for something over which she has no control.

A different supporter stated that she learns a valuable lesson from the impact that her actions had on the victim.
What do you think, then? Do you think the punishment imposed by the father was excessive?

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