A Down syndrome sister is asked to serve as maid of honor at younger brother’s wedding.

The fact that siblings’ love is so unreserved is perhaps its most beautiful quality.

As brothers and sisters, we frequently argue, denigrate one another, push one another to the point of exhaustion, etc. However, at the end of the day, your siblings will always be there for you.

I am blessed with brothers and sisters, and I have a special relationship with each of them. Simply put, no matter how happy I am or how friendly we are, I would do anything to assist them if they were in need.

I think that’s why I connected so strongly with this story. It involves Chris Garafola, a man who was born in Vermont, and Brittany, his older sister, who has Down syndrome.

Chris Garafola, according to reports, was extremely fortunate as a child. He was brought up in a loving family, and he had an older sister with whom he had a close relationship.

The siblings were two years separated in age, yet they were indistinguishable when they were close to nothing. Chris said that he and Brittany had a “package deal” and that he told her how much he loved her whenever he could.

Chris wrote in a touching Instagram post that Brittany “She always showed him her love, pushed him, and taught him lessons that have stood the test of time. She gave him a lot of chances to become a better man quickly and the best brother he could be.

Brittany faced her own challenges throughout her life because she was born with Down syndrome. Be that as it may, each snag she defeats is made more straightforward with her more youthful sibling Chris close by.

Naturally, as they got older, their bond grew stronger. As a result, when Chris met Tatiana, the love of his life, and proposed to her, he knew Brittany had to be a big part of their wedding.

Chris and Tatiana decided to wait until Brittany could be there to witness their wedding before getting married. However, there was a small issue: Because Brittany’s condition made her immune system vulnerable, she had to get the COVID-19 vaccine before she could go to any other meetings.

Brittany received her vaccine in February 2021, allowing Chris and Tatiana to finally begin planning their wedding.

Chris, a male model, uploaded a video to his YouTube account in late March of that year in which Tatiana can be seen chatting with Brittany over FaceTime.

Brittany was stunned by the news that her younger brother was getting married, but Tatiana’s next question left her speechless.

“And do you know the question I wanted to ask you? Might you at any point be my maid of honor?” In the video, Tatiana is seen asking.

Brittany responded, bursting into tears of joy ” Sure, I can.”

As a result, Brittany took on the role of maid of honor when Chris and Tatiana got married in April 2021.

After that, the newlyweds revealed that they had surprised Brittany with a one of a kind ring to commemorate the occasion.

Chris stated, “she’s been my best friend since day one, and that’s not going to change even though I’m married.”

Photos of Chris, Tatiana, and Brittany have undoubtedly gone viral online. Even the most hardened heart can be softened by the immense love depicted in the images.

In the video below, you can see Chris and Tatiana telling Brittany the news:

We can’t get enough of the siblings love among Chris and Brittany. Basically lovable!

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