A couple, who were told they couldn’t have kids, had three sets of twins in five years, and all the twins were born on the same day.

Carrie and Craig Kosinski happily agreed to babysit for a friend they hadn’t seen in a long time, who asked them to take care of her baby twins.

Carrie and Craig volunteered to take care of the cute girls for a little while.

As time passed, the temporary arrangement became permanent, and the girls became a permanent part of the family.

Carrie and Craig had always dreamed of having kids, but they didn’t know how it would happen.

Adalynn and Kenna were born on February 28, 2014, through an emergency C-section. When the girls were three months old, the Kosinkis were given legal custody of them.

After taking care of their adopted twins for a few years, Carrie and Craig received a call from the twins’ biological mother. She shared that she was going through another sad situation.

She was struggling to handle everything amid tough times in her life. She asked the couple if they would consider adopting her two younger kids, Cece and J.J., who are twin siblings at the age of two.

These younger twins were biologically related to Kenna and Adalynn.

Living in Union Grove, Wisconsin, Carrie and Craig had to think carefully about what to do next.

Before adopting Kenna and Adalynn, the couple had tried many times to get pregnant, but they weren’t successful.

They went to the doctor because they didn’t know what was wrong for a long time, and the news was really sad.

The doctor told Carrie that because of her severe endometriosis, she couldn’t have kids naturally. So, having biological children was pretty much impossible, which is why they decided to adopt.

“It was a tough choice. We were trying to have our own baby. But since the twins were siblings, that was a big factor for us — we wanted to keep them together,” Carrie shared with The Journal Times.

Despite their personal concerns, Carrie and Craig told the mother that they would be happy to adopt the younger twins.

After bringing Cece and J.J. into the family, Carrie soon felt unwell and decided to see a doctor.

In September 2015, an ultrasound revealed Carrie’s own pregnancy, and surprisingly, there were two fetuses on the screen! Over the past five years, she and Craig have welcomed three sets of twins.

“We were surprised but really happy,” Carrie Kosinski said.

Even though they were initially overwhelmed, Craig and Carrie realized their pregnancy was a blessing from a higher power. The parents were determined to raise all six children in a safe and loving home.

Destiny reunited the family, and their doctors couldn’t believe what had happened.

Surprisingly, the birth dates of the other two sets of twins, February 28 and March 1, matched those of the biological twins Karraline and Clarissa.

“We were really surprised. We thought, ‘Oh my God, we’re going to have three sets of twins. What are we going to do?'” Carrie remembered.

Carrie and Craig believe that the fact all their kids share the same birthday is clear evidence that it was meant to happen.

They happily mentioned to The Journal Times, “God really does have a sense of humor.”

When Carrie was 25 weeks pregnant, she used in vitro fertilization to have Karraline and Clarissa. Unfortunately, their biological twins had to stay in neonatal intensive care for a few months. But when they were finally allowed to come home, Karraline and Clarissa were healthy.

Having three sets of twins in one house is costly, but neighbors have pitched in with money.

People from all over the country, who the family doesn’t even know, helped by giving money through fundraising websites like GoFundMe and AdoptTogether to cover their growing bills.

“I have to stay really organized and stick to a schedule, or things can get chaotic,” says Carrie.

Craig and Carrie think that someone up there had a special plan for their family because all six of their kids were born on the same day: Cece and J.J. on February 28, 2013, Adalynn and Kenna on February 28, 2014, and Karraline and Clarissa on February 28, 2016.

“We think that because God adopted us into His family, we were meant to adopt these kids into ours,” Carrie said. “It’s a big blessing to us. We love all our children equally. We wouldn’t want our lives to be any different.”

Now, the family is happily living life, and witnessing all these wonderful kids grow up must be a great blessing for Carrie and Craig.

“They are all unique. Each has their own personality, which is enjoyable, but it means we’re pulled in six different directions,” Carrie shared with Today.

A big thank you to Craig and Carrie for having such kind hearts. Raising four kids as if they were their own is truly admirable.

The fact that the couple also had their own biological children feels like a reward for their efforts.

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