A Burn Survivor Who Stayed At Home For Two Years, Now Owns A Bakery: “I Am More Than My Appearance”

It seems like consistently we are immersed with misfortune through news locales and virtual entertainment.

We all know that bad news sells, but I can’t help but wonder if we aren’t doing more to change that.

In light of this, Newsner is dedicated to bringing you both good and bad news; uplifting despite being sad. In this story, you get a little bit of both.

It tells the story of Ngo Quy Hai, a 27-year-old burn survivor who now owns an award-winning bakery in the Vietnamese city of Kon Tum where he was born. However, his life was not always idyllic. Not at all…


Hai was just a little child when a horrible mishap would steer his life until the end of time. According to reports, he was pushing a baby walker in the kitchen when he accidentally fell into an open wood stove, injuring his entire body with severe burns.

According to Hai’s explanation, “walking with babies was common at the time, and there was no awareness of how dangerous they could be.”

Hai was rushed to Saigon Children’s Hospital 1 following the accident. He remained there for a sum of two years, going through therapy and serious consideration to save his life.

The poor boy had a lot of reconstructive surgeries, but he still had a scar to remind him of the worst day of his life.

In addition, the accident caused Hai significant emotional trauma. He was teased about his appearance as he left the hospital.

He elaborated, “Growing up, I felt alone and didn’t have many friends.” I felt out of place in society. I was ridiculed and mocked when I tried to find work. For nearly two years, I never left the house.

We have no idea how challenging Hai’s journey was. It breaks my heart to go two years without even leaving the house.

Hai was absent for two years, which caused him to fall behind in his studies. He did, however, find a friend with a disability with whom he could connect.


Sometimes I think fate brought us together, Hai said of his new friend. “We have been playing together since we were little and experienced many joys and sorrows, because we both share the same sadness that no one wanted to play with us.”

Hai clung to a single dream despite all the sorrow: He desired to establish a bakery. He and his friend had been kicked out of a bakery once, which was something they had wanted to go to for a long time.

“They didn’t listen to our explanation because our clothes weren’t as nice as some because we were very poor. They expelled us.” Hai stated.

It humbled me. However, it was an experience that shaped my identity. It made me feel like I know exactly what I want to do. I planned to open my own bread kitchen so I could prepare tasty and lovely cakes and to offer great. food for all, rich and poor alike. All are welcome, so it would not matter to me.”

He went to a Hanoi hospitality school with his family’s help. In addition, Hai’s desire to open a bakery took years to materialize because he was afraid to show his face outside.

He stated, “It was great to see so many smiling faces.”

“I see numerous youngsters selling lottery tickets in the city and I generally welcome them to eat cake. We are unaware of the challenges that others have encountered. please

Now, my goal is to assist other people who have been through what I have. Change in society can only be brought about by giving back.

According to Hai to The Epoch Times, I’m more than just how I look. Try not to call me intense. I’ve survived.

What a young man who sets an example for others. despite having endured so much hardship and still being able to see the positive aspects of life.

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