A Burger King employee’s action at the drive-thru goes viral after a woman shares it on Facebook.

A lot of attention has been paid to a woman’s Facebook post about an odd encounter with a Burger King employee.

Rebecca Boening, a Texan resident, shared her experience where she encountered challenges while attempting to place her order at the drive-thru window. Boening expressed surprise as the Burger King employee swiftly left her post after revealing that she had diabetes.

Please find Boening’s comment below at your convenience.

While driving on I-40 in the afternoon on Wednesday, my blood sugar level plummeted to a perilous point. Fortunately, there was a Burger King restaurant at the next exit.

Despite struggling to place my order, I made sure to inform the person on the speaker that I was diabetic and urgently required food.

It is challenging to think or act when blood sugar levels are low. To settle the payment for my food, I drove up to the initial window. I was taken aback when Tina Hardy, a Burger King employee, rushed towards the front of my car.

Despite the tight space between my car and the building, she managed to maneuver through and deliver a small portion of ice cream to me.

Later, Tina clarified that she understood my predicament as her husband also had diabetes. Sensing my need for assistance, she took action. Once I settled the payment, I proceeded to drive up to Tina’s window, where she handed over my food.

Additionally, she advised me to park on the opposite side of the driveway, ensuring she could monitor my well-being until I felt better.

Following my meal, I patiently awaited a moment of reduced busyness to return to Tina’s window. Once the opportunity arose, I captured a photograph as a memento. Subsequently, I engaged in a conversation with Tina’s supervisor, expressing my gratitude for the exceptional service provided.

Tina Hardy, an experienced Burger King staff member, truly warrants significant recognition from both the wider community and higher-level management.

It’s truly heartwarming to observe such a compassionate act between two individuals, especially considering the prevalence of negative news stories in the world today.

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