A Beautiful Moment For A Depressed Dog Who Was Able To Say Its Final Goodbyes For Good At A Funeral And Really Found Closure.

Dogs are devoted creatures who support their owners no matter the circumstances. Puppies that had wandered off and had been reported missing were discovered lying next to dogs;They stood guard next to the military owner’s coffin.

Sadie is no exception. Her human parents adopted this 13-year-old Border Collie-Dalmatian cross when she was eight weeks old.


However, his human dad’s sudden death truly destroyed her. According to Julia Beaulieu, Sadie’s human mother, their puppy approached her after rescue workers finished working on her husband at their home, laid down next to him, and nipped his hand with his nose.

Both Sadie and Julia struggled with her husband’s sudden death. As he always did, the dog waited by the window for his dad to enter.


Even without food for ten long days, Sadie lost 10 pounds. Consequently, Julia decided to include Sadie in the planning of the memorial service for her husband.

In Julia’s opinion, it was in Sadie’s best interest to personally say goodbye to her lover. Sadie went to the casket with Julia during the visit, stood on her hind legs, and looked inside.

According to Julia, her dog’s expression at the sight was one of shock and almost confusion. After that, Sadie remained by her mother’s side and seemed to be at ease.

The memorial service was organized by Jeremy May of Elements Cremation. said that pets are part of the family and that more and more people are bringing their four-legged loved ones to services and visitation. They shared a touching photo to highlight the beautiful bond that exists between humans and dogs.

During Elements’ cremation, pre-planning, and funeral, this photograph deeply moved us, and we want to share it with you. This photograph catches an extraordinary second between a man, his better half and their closest companion. She wanted to see her beloved husband one last time to say goodbye after he died of a sudden heart attack. After his death, she showed signs of depression, refused to eat, and waited every day for him to come home. She was right when she said that Sadie could benefit from a farewell and closure as well! “


Sadie went inside her house and ate her first meal after returning from the funeral. The dog probably gained the closure she required by seeing his loved one once more.

What a heartbreaking yet beautiful tale Julia and Elements Cremation told. In the years to come, may they reconcile.

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