A 90 years old man surprised everyone by making his own special house that looks like a Hobbit house.

People laughed at the old man when he decided to do this! At 90, he built a cozy Hobbit house for himself. Check out the article for amazing pictures and a full video of what he achieved.

Inspired by his favorite book, “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien, a creative man decided to build the house from the story for himself.

When he retired, he set out to create a unique house on his land that looked like a hobbit house from a fairy tale.

There’s a small problem: if you’re taller than 160 cm, this home might not be comfortable for you. But since the 90 years old owner is not very tall, it suits him perfectly.

Now, people from different countries often visit and sometimes even stay at his unique home.

The house has a special door that looks like the one in the hobbit house from the movie. It’s made of stone and wood. Inside, everything, even the toilet, is designed to look like the movie.

A fireplace warms up the whole house. People love both the inside and outside of the house for how nice and comfy they are. The owner says living in his hobbit house makes him really happy and feels great.

The man proved that if you really want something, you can make it happen.

Now, he’s happy in his hobbit home, living his dream of a fairytale life.

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