24 prayer quotes that will refresh your soul

7 Prayers for 2020
1. May your health improve.
2. May your friends be blessed.
3. May your family be loved
4. May your Finances multiply.
5. May your pains be less.
6. May your worries disappear.
7. May you be blessed.

happens for a reason.
Sometimes it hurts.
Sometimes it’s hard.
But in the end, it’s all for
the best. Never stop
trusting God and the
Divine plan

Prayer for Family
May my family be protected
from harm, misfortune and
sadness. May we enjoy the
privilege of spending time
together to share joy, celebrate
happy occasions and to be
there for each other when
there is a need for comfort. May
good health prevails and may
there be ever-present faith in
God’s mercy and grace.

It’s ok to cry if you’re in pain.
Remember, tears are
prayers too. They travel
to God when we can’t speak.

Never underestimate
the power of prayer.
One small prayer can
change your life

Good things
come to those who
believe, better things
come to those
who are patient
and the best things
come to those who
don’t give up.

No matter how softly you
whisper a prayer, God hears
and understands. He knows
the hopes and fears you
keep in your heart…
and when you place
your trust in Him,

Today I pray for you
a heart free of sadness,
a mind free of worries,
a life full of gladness,
a body free of illness
& a day full of god’s blessings.

Morning Prayer
Dear God, Thank you for the
night and the early morning light.
For rest and food and loving care
and all that makes the world so
Help us to do the things we
should, to be to others Kind and
good. God bless me, my mummy
and daddy, my brothers and
sisters, my teachers and friends
and everyone.
Help us to have a good day.

Our prayers maybe
awkward. Our
attempts maybe
feeble. But since
the power of prayer
is in the One who
hears it and not in
the one who says
it, our prayers do
make a difference.
—- Max Lucado

When a Prayer
becomes your habit,
Miracles become
your lifestyle.

pray today that
You will bless each of
my family members
friends with
health prosperity
of opportunity,
Praise to You who
hears my prayer,

Don’t forget to pray
today, because
God didn’t forget to
wake you UP this

Dear God…
Touch the people
around me,
Keep happy and safe.
Give them love,
compassion and care.
Bless them all with
good health, peace in
mind and kindness in their
Especially the ONE
reading this message.


Dear God
I end this year with this
simple prayer.
Please heal the broken
people, make well the sick,
restore happiness to those in
despair. Bring love to the
lonely, food to the hungry
and peace to our world.

Pray, then let it go.
Don’t try and manipulate
or force the outcome. Just
trust God to open the right
doors at the right time-a –

The Serenity Prayer
God, grant me the serenity to stop
beating myself for not doing
things perfectly, the courage to
forgive myself because I’m
working on doing better, and the
wisdom to know that you already
love me just the way I am.

Lord, you created me.
My body is sick now and
perhaps my soul too. Please heal
me, renew me. Repair the body you
had made. Refresh the soul you
created for eternal existence. You
alone know how to restore my
health, for you created me. Make
me whole again so that I may
live my life for you.

When you pray
for others,
God listens to you
and blesses them,
so when you are
safe and happy,
remember that
someone is
praying for you…


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