2020 has been a journey

2020 has been a stressful year. We have been placed in situations we didn’t ask for. We have experienced hardships we never imagined and we were on the verge of giving up. We saw things we never thought we could‚ but we have learned that God will never leave us.

Shelby Condo

We are only here through his mercy and grace and I am a believer that he will bring us through.

When I look back at 2020; it’s my toughest year ever. A year I never wish to repeat itself;  a year that made me look like a shadow of myself.

2020 broke my resilience to live; I was tired of all it was bringing to the table. It has been from one disaster to another and I was losing it. My life was falling before my eyes and I couldn’t do anything to save it; I was broken and didn’t have it in me to fight any longer‚ I was waiting for darkness to take over.

I had given up‚ but not for long until a great light shined upon me. God came to lift me and restore everything that has been taken away from me.

He gave me back my will to live he wiped my tears and brought smiles back to my face; he encouraged me and promised to fight my battle.

God is always with us throughout those worse moments of our life; we should open up to him and let him shine his light in our lives. He alone can change us from worse to best all you have to do is to believe in him.

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